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Visual Music

Visual Music is a visual arts tradition in which artists participate in musical practices and discourses to make primarily visual work. Watch Viking Eggeling's Diagonale Symphonie (1924) for the first work of visual music; for later favorites, the works of Oskar Fischinger and James Whitney.

Blooms (2010)

Blooms are three visual music études commissioned by Berlin's Golden Parachutes Gallery as part of their exhibition, Total Vivid Presence. The animations are projected onto a canvas in a perpetual loop throughout each day. The first is a study in nested circles, the radii of which expand and shrink gradually over time with a period of four minutes:

The second applies the musical idea of noise to the relative scribbliness of a drawing:

And the third applies the idea of rhythmic phasing to the rotation of three identical, overlapping figures:

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